At SPICE LAB TOKYO, we have started a summer menu where you can enjoy the five senses, with spice that is refreshing, for both lunch and dinner.

We have started to provide lunch in a set style so that we can provide customers with a simple and quick menu according to a new lifestyle.
We offer a casual set style that differentiates from the gastronomic course dinner, which expresses the "India of the present", with a dish that is named "the theme that expresses the diversity of India" for each dish.
In the set menu, you can freely manipulate various spices such as green cardamom, fennel, kasurimeti, black pepper, star anise, Nigella, Ajowan and homemade spice mix to finish in a spice lab style, Delhi butter chicken and Bengal fish. Local cuisine from all over India, including curry and spicy sauteed of kerala.
In addition, all sets include the popular biryani served in the dinner course menu and three types of sauces.

The spice is refreshingly fragrant, and the colorful and gastronomic presentation, which is different from the curry solid color, provides a novel and healthy summer menu.
We offer a total of 3 types of course menu, including 1 vegetarian, by combining dishes with the theme of "expressing Indian diversity" for each dish.
This is the first restaurant to be opened in November 2019 as the first Indian landing in Japan of Modern Indian Cuisine, which offers the present-day Indian cuisine using the seasonal ingredients of Japan to experience the present India. In the summer menu, we have increased the theme of “indicating the diversity of India” and exquisitely blending Japanese seasonal ingredients and Japanese spices and seasonings to create a more diverse and modern Indian cuisine.

Period: Until end of August

※Timing of this menu ends as well as menu availability is subject to change according to market and quality of ingredients.

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Gicros GINZA Gems 10F, 6-4-3 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Japan 104-0061


11:30 - 15:00 (14:00 LO)


18:00 - 22:30 (21:00 LO)

We are open all year round.