【1st Anniversary】 Special Dinner

"Spice Lab Tokyo" is celebrating its 1st anniversary.
To commemorate this, we will offer a 1st anniversary dinner for one week only, which is a selection of dishes that have been popular with our customers.
Please take this opportunity to enjoy the journey to India delivered by SPICE LAB TOKYO.

भोग | Offering
Lentil, coconut, tomato, shiso, charcoal

सर्दी | Winter
Almond, saffron, lavender

शान-ओ-शौकत | Pride
Dassai, lemon, mint, umeboshi ‘Golgappa’
Kale leaf ‘Chaat’
Crab and chive ‘Dhokla’
Butter chicken ‘Samosa’
Spiced duck ‘Bao’

सागर | Bay
Lobster, mustard and niira sauce, tomato crisp

आधुनिक | Modern
Foie gras, mango glass, balsamic and carom spiced figs

आयुर्वेद | Cleanser
Yamabudo, verjus, muscat

शुद्ध | Purity
Matsutake, gingko, shiitake chai

रीत | Tradition
Bamboo cooked Hakata jidori, cashew nut and shiitake sauce, goma tofu

जहाँपनाह | Emperor
Wagyu tenderloin, maitake, black pepper and hatcho miso jus
Wild mushroom and kujo-negi ‘Pulao’
Smoked black lentil, Curry, Garlic raita

त्योहार | Celebration
Pumpkin, coffee, vanilla, raspberry

Price : 11,000 JPY (Inclusive of 10% service charge. Consumption tax of 10% will be added to this price)
Date : December 3rd ~ 7th

Reservation/Contact : SPICE LAB TOKYO
Tel : 03-6274-6821

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